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Words by Denny Kallivoka and Eleni Nikoloulia, Difford's Guide Greece

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Fund Raising Diffords Guide Greece - Metron Ariston - Making Responsibility a Trend

It was three weeks ago that the bars had to close. Every day I regret the evenings I could have spent in a bar with a Dry Martini, enjoying this comforting environment. With the music in the background giving rhythm to the bartender that serves, counts measures, stirs, carefully placed garnishes. And I pass my time looking at the people around me trying to guess their thoughts. Some of my best memories are connected with some Dry Martinis, Negronis, drams of scotch or gin & tonics at the bar.

However, several weeks ago the bars closed. And suddenly we all felt the earth move under our feet. Because the bars are our space, our people. Our friends. The ones we care about. The bars are their jobs, their income.

However, all those bars and professionals that for years now are supporting the drinks industry find themselves in a very difficult situation, trying to support and to preserve their businesses, their bars and their staff.

Therefore, now more than any other time, we, the Difford's Guide team, we feel the need to stand by our people. Our community. It is very important, that we all, in the manner that each one can, help the bars and its people to get out of this situation as intact as possible.

Thus, in cooperation with METRON Ariston - Making Responsibility a Trend, a non-profit civil partnership with people of the industry and bartenders as its members that was created last year with the scope to promote responsibility in the drinks industry, we decided to initiate Fund Raising to support those people of the industry in need. We know that in no occasion can we cover all needs or substitute the government. But we also know that all support no matter how small it is, is extremely important, as it also benefits psychological support and helps the bonding of the community.

Our aim and hope is that getting out of this crisis, the amazing Greek bar scene will be stronger, more united, more responsible and with the sense the people who love the bars, the brands themselves and the spirit companies - who are also facing extreme difficulties, stood by it.

Even small donations are important. It is crucial that the drinks industry supports the team "spirit" that keeps the good "spirit" in our societies.

In detail:

The money donated to Metron Ariston - Making Responsibility a Trend, will be used to financially support the bars and people from the bars. Bartenders, service etc. A donation of 250€ will be offered per person to some of the people that will fill in the form. The number of the people that will receive the donation depends on the amount gathered. The safeguard of the GDPR of the people requesting the amount can be taken for granted. The prioritization of the people who will receive the donation will be made by the members of Difford's Guide Greece and Metron Ariston-Making Responsibility A Trend. Those who wish to apply for the donation please fill in the following form. The procedure is simple and with full transparency.

Find form at this link here.

To end we wish to ask you all to keep using your influence to encourage people to #stayhome #staysafe tagging Difford's Guide Greece and we will be reposting all your posts. Let's stay together and help everything that will bring our lives back to normal as soon as possible and with the least cost.

About Metron Ariston – Making Responsibility a Trend

Metron Ariston – making responsibility a trend non-profit civil partnership, is an independent organization that follows the principles of transparency, neutrality and accountability, having people and their needs, society at the core of the programs it develops, regardless of gender, origin, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. The long-term targets of creation of METRON ARISTON-MAKING RESPONSIBILY A TREND is to work towards the creation of a culture of responsibility from the trade to the society as well as a support of the trade in various manners.

Moreover, Difford's Guide Greece is in cooperation with Jack Daniels Old No.7 on live Instagram discussions hosted by various popular figures in the industry in an effort to get together, a thing that we really miss during these times. Aiming to feel again like a community and for a while get together with our "friends" and discuss various subjects connected or unconnected with the current situation.

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