Keeping spirits up

The Netherlands

Words by Timo Janse

In the Netherlands...

Timo Janse is the co-owner of Flying Dutchman Cocktails, in Amsterdam and says:

"Currently we are re-launching our cocktails on delivery program, in which we will include Uber Eats now as well (previously only Deliveroo).

In the future we will continue to try and innovate on this, with things such as tie-ins with Tess Posthumus on cocktail book and tools available as well.

Plus a little sneak peak: We are aiming to launch a Nationwide cocktail delivery by mail over the coming days! You can either do it via subscription or one-off...

With Amsterdam Cocktail Week, we are looking to launch a giftcard program that involves all bars willing to participate at ZERO commission for us. So people can buy the ACW drinks (alcohol and non alcohol) already for when the postponed event will take place, which we try will happen directly as bars are allowed to be open again. (Amsterdam Cocktail Week was due to begin on 16 March and was sadly postponed.)

I have seen several great additional volunteer initiatives, such as home cooking delivery at your door by foodie bartenders for bartenders, and online-only cocktail competition.

Please get in touch with other initiatives in the Netherlands and we will publish your news on this page."

Bars doing delivery and pick-up cocktails

x Branie (Amsterdam)

x Pikoteo (Amsterdam)

x Flying Dutchmen Cocktails (Amsterdam)

x Bricks "Hooch & Brew" (The Hague)

x Syndicaat Speakeasy (The Hague)

x Rumah (Rotterdam)

Community, competitions and further support

- The Stockroom (Groningen) has a cocktail competition for bartenders and amateurs at home, where you can win 100 euro bar tab credit. By creating the best Quarantini. The final will be in their bar, as soon as this is over.

- Feijoa bartender Mounir will help with groceries for anyone interested.

- Bobby's gin has a nice -online only- competition for amateurs and consumers to win a free cap.

- Salud Distribution has an online bartender competition where you can win bottles and money for the bar you are representing.

- The Stillery is producing hand sanitizer and their webshop is live for it.

- Loopuyt gin has an online bartender bingo this Monday, 30 March!

- On you can buy vouchers for many of the bars and restaurants in the country. It does not ask for commission as well.