Michael Brown

Words by Sammy Hemmings

First name(s): Michael
Last/Family name: Brown
Originally from: Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland
Profession: Brand Ambassador
At: London

Michael Brown, UK Brand Ambassador for Slane Irish Whiskey, hails from Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. Since the age of 16, Michael has worked in hospitality, getting to grips with the fundamentals of cocktail making in Ireland before moving to London in 2015.

“I had always wanted to work in London in some aspect. With London and New York being the two hubs of cocktail bartending in the world, it made sense to give London a go and come and see what was on offer,” Michael says.

Michael sat down with us to share his thoughts on Irish whiskey revival, his career journey from pulling pints at his local pub to Brand Ambassador, whilst talking through the distilling principles of Slane and the brands history.

“In terms of its impact on Rock & Roll within Ireland, it’s the cornerstone. We’ve had some really great acts play all through the years and there’s something for everybody there. If you chat to people in Ireland, most people have either been or remember wanting to go to a Slane gig. So for us, Rock & Roll is really part of our heritage, and what we do, and it’s a really exciting part as well.”

Watch our video to find out more about his story.