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History of Ron Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the city that gave birth to Ron Ligero Cubano (Cuban Light Rum), and Ron Santiago was born in 1970 with the launch of Carta Blanca. The addition of "de Cuba" to the Ron Santiago de Cuba name followed in 1999 to better define the brand's provenance, given the number of cities with the same "Santiago" name globally. This is also when the Añejo was added to the range.

The brand, which started to be distributed internationally in 2003, is the No.3 Spirit in Cuba (based on IWSR 2019 sales value data).

Like most other Cuban rum brands, Ron Santiago de Cuba is produced by Corporación Cuba Ron S.A.. Incorporated in November 1993, this organisation oversees the production of all Cuban rums and ensures they conform to the Cuba Denominación de Origen Protegida (Protected Designation of Origin) introduced in 2010 as a guarantee that Cuban rums are produced in the traditional manner, according to strict criteria.

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While Ron Santiago de Cuba rums are made by Corporación Cuba Ron, which ultimately owns the brand name, the global distribution rights are owned by Ron Santiago S.A., a joint venture between Corporación Cuba Ron and a European subsidiary of Diageo.

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Ronera Santiago de Cuba (Corporación Cuba Ron S.A.)

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