How it's made
How it's made

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How Amaro Santoni is made

Amaro Santoni is derived from a blend of tradition and innovation with its unique flavour is achieved by combining high-quality ingredients with techniques developed over 60 years.

Originating from the Chinese province of Shaanxi, the rhubarb root is the heart and soul of Amaro Santoni. Each root is selected and cut by hand during its fourth year of growth. Santoni uses 90% pink split rhubarb that undergoes five different processes: static maceration, dynamic maceration, decoction, distillation and steam distillation. This produces a very concentrated extract and only a few drops of this rhubarb nectar are required to contribute an unparalleled bittersweet taste.

The 34 botanicals that comprise Amaro Santoni are individually processed with different production techniques used to ensure their unique qualities are preserved. The resulting tinctures, essential oils and distillates each contribute to the complex, multi-layered flavour:

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The final blend is created by combining the aromatic ingredients with beet sugar, neutral alcohol made from organic Tuscan wheat grown in the Val d'Orcia region of Tuscany, and pure water from the Chianciano springs.

Amaro Santoni is completely GMO-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, with its distinctive colour entirely natural and derived from an infusion of hibiscus in neutral grain alcohol.

Gabriello Santoni

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Established: 1957
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