Maison Dolin & Cie


Avenue du Grand Arietaz

Status: Operational

Established: Not supplied

Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible

Tel: +33 4 6885 3535

Dolin Vermouths are produced in the Alpine town of Chambery and makes its wines according to a controlled method that was set down in 1932. This means production must occur in Chambéry itself, real plants rather than pre-prepared infusions must be used during maceration, and sugar rather than other sweetening products must be used.

The process for all its vermouths starts with a base wine which is always white and light in alcohol (about 10% abv), and as neutral as possible on the nose and palate. To this wine a secret recipe of herbs and plants is left to macerate for several months - up to 54 different plants are used, notably wormwood, but also hyssop, camomile, genepi, chincona bark and rose petals. The now aromatized wine is then lightly sugared, to less than 30g per litre for the Dry and 130g per litre for the Blanc and Rouge. Interestingly, the colour of the Rouge does not come from red base wine, but instead comes from the particular particular plants used and from sweetening with dark, caramelized sugar.

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