Famille Vallein-Tercinier Cognac


Domaine des Forges

Status: Operational

Established: Not supplied

Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible

Tel: +33 5 4692 6430

The home of Vallein-Tercinier Cogac, Le Domaine des Forges, is located in Chermignac in Charente-Maritime (on the Atlantic Cost, between Nantes and Bordeaux) around 35 km from the city of Cognac. The family’s vineyards are in Cognac’s Bons Bois region.

Brother and sister, Catherine and Louis Tercinier represent the fifth generation of a family who have made cognac and pineau des charentes at their small estate in Chermignac.

The Tercinier family can trace its routes in the Cognac region back to 1490 when Robin Tercinier settled with his family in Saintonges in 1490. Maison Vallein Tercinier and the family’s first distillery was established in 1850 by Georges Vallein who sold his cognac to the major houses. In the 1920s Paul Vallein bought the Camille Dupuis company and started to blend and market his own cognac. Louis Tercinier continued to develop the business and in 1947 his son, Robert Tercinier joined his father.

During the Post-War Period Vallein-Tercinier Cognac flourished with the family’s eight pot stills worked hard. However, in the 80’s, Vallein-Tercinier needed to find new sales outlets and the firm started exporting to Asia.

Since the early 1990s, Louis Tercinier (Robert’s son) has run the estate and distillery while his sister Catherine (Robert’s daughter) looks after sales and marketing.