Libbey Tulip Punch Bowl Set

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Category: Bar equipment & barware
Sub Category: Barware

Producer Libbey

This Tulip Bowl punch set, complete with bowl, 12 glasses and ladle, was designed by Amsterdam’s Robert Schinkels. So good is his design that it won him the first Glassology Design Contest in 2016.

Robert’s design celebrates the Golden Age for the punch, also a period when the tulip was not just a flower but during the height of what is now termed tulip mania, a single bulb could sell for more than ten times the annual income of a skilled craftsman.

The tulip inspired, handmade, thick glass 4 litre (135.25 oz) punch bowl is 244mm tall with a 180mm diameter and comes an elegantly shaped steel venencia-shaped ladle with a twisted handle. Unlike traditional punch bowls which tend to be shallow and wide, the Tulip Bowl is tall and slender.

Matching tulip-shaped punch glasses (25)mm/8.5oz) are also available in boxes of 12.

Punch bowl set
Libby ref: 943146
UPC: 8 710964 943146
Available in the UK from Artis and across Europe from Things For Drinks.

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