The story of Thomas Henry

The Germany-based company Thomas Henry was launched in 2010, taking its namesake from the British pharmacist and chemist who in 1773 was one of the first to manufacture carbonated water.

Their first portfolio of mixers, aimed at the on-trade, included tonic water, soda water, bitter lemon, ginger beer and ginger ale, before expanding its line to distinctive lemonades Mystic Mango and Pink Grapefruit, as well as tonic expressions; slim tonic, elderflower tonic and cherry blossom tonic. The brand considers innovation key, and as a core value they continue to produce a variety of products, accented with their 2018 release of coffee tonic which completes their range.

Branching out to the retail market in 2016, Thomas Henry is a leading producer of premium mixers in Germany. The brand released their book Hausbar - Mixen wie die Profis (Home Bar - Mix like the Professionals) in 2018. Following its launch in the US the same year, Thomas Henry is now used in many of the world's leading bars and is available in 54 countries.

Thomas Henry Tonic Water image

Thomas Henry Tonic Water

Thomas Henry was a Manchester pharmacist who perfected a means to inject carbon dioxide into water in 1773. This brand is actually German and launched

Thomas Henry Ginger Beer image

Thomas Henry Ginger Beer

Thomas Henry say, It's the first ginger-based drink modelled on the English Ginger Beer to be made and bottled in Germany.

Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic image

Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic

Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic combines the floral notes of elderflower and the gentle bitterness of tonic water.

Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic image

Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic

Thomas Henry say, our Cherry Blossom Tonic is the first tonic water in the world combining the light astringency of tonic with the aromatic bouquet of

Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic image

Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic

Cold brew Latin American 100% Arabica coffee tonic water.

Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon image

Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon

This Bitter Lemon is made with concentrated lemon juice. It also includes quinine aroma. Thomas Henry was an apothecary in Manchester, England who is attributed

Thomas Henry Ginger Ale image

Thomas Henry Ginger Ale

Boasts natural ginger aroma with other natural flavors [sic] and coloured with caramel. Thomas Henry was an apothecary in Manchester, England who is attributed

Thomas Henry Slim Tonic image

Thomas Henry Slim Tonic

A dry, relatively low calorie (just 13Kcal) tonic water.

Thomas Henry Soda Water image

Thomas Henry Soda Water

Thomas Henry was the inventor of soda water and this modern-day eponymous soda has natural water and finely dispersed carbon dioxide.

Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit image

Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit

Launched in 2019, Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit is designed to make tequila-based long drinks such as a Paloma.

Thomas Henry Mystic Mango image

Thomas Henry Mystic Mango

As the name suggests Thomas Henry Mystic Mango is made with mango fruit but also uses some Pitanga fruit in its blend. Known as the Surinam cherry or Brazilian

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