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Status Operacional
Fundação: 2008
Proprietário: William Chase
Capacidade: Not supplied
Política de visitas: Visitação aberta o ano todo
Tel: +44 (0)1432 820 455
A Herefordshire potato farmer of 20 years, Will Chase decided he’d had enough of the drudgery of selling a commodity to supermarkets and in 2002 hit upon the idea of turning his potatoes into Tyrrells Hand Cooked Potato Chips. Having successfully made his crisps a household name he then set about turning his crop into what has become an award-winning potato vodka and gin.


Rosemaund Farm
Preston Wynne
Hereford, England
United Kingdom

The Chase family owned Rosemaund Farm set in the idyllic Herefordshire countryside is home to The Chase Distillery with the stills themselves housed in a converted 1950s hop kiln barn.

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