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last reviewed on 24-Feb-2011

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Address: 4 Frederiksholms Kanal , Copenhagen, 1220, Denmark
Tel: +45 2627 9188
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Thu 8am-4am; Fri 4pm-4am; Sat 8pm-4am
Door: Go early
Style: Music bar
Recommended for: Dance, Fun/atmosphere, Late night
Price guide: Middling
Food: No food
Established: 2009


Zefside is a semi-subterranean, long narrow space, which becomes party central on the weekend. Zefside is a name which I'm told doesn't actually mean anything in Danish, and to further confuse matters is commonly pronounced 'Southside'. While this is a bar rather than a club, you're likely to find a DJ and a room packed with 30-something professionals, glass in hand, jigging about on the spot, so it does have a distinctly clubby feel.

Edison filament bulbs hang over the long bar, where you may have to spend some time while you wait to be served - as I said Zefside does get busy. Be warned, the cocktails here are somewhat "mainstream" and tend toward the sweet side, so this is not a place to go to experience high end mixology but if you are after a good time and a great atmosphere, then Zefside could be the place for you, perhaps best summed up as drum, base and disco drinks.