Cocktail Kingdom 30cm Muddler Ended Barspoon

Cocktail Kingdom 30cm Barspoon image 1

Category: Bar equipment & barware

Sub Category: Bar tools

Length (mm): 300
Material: Stainless steel
Glasswasher / dishwasher safe: yes
Glasswasher / dishwasher safe: Yes
Weight in grams: 40
Barcode UPC: 791090527651

Producer: Cocktail Kingdom LLC

This 30cm long stainless steel barspoon from Cocktail Kindom has a slender but sturdy shaft with a smooth coil so is comfortable to rotate between your fingers when stirring.

The thick coin-like disc top also makes this spoon perfect to aid layer pouring and is suitable for light muddling tasks (although it is not robust enough to replace a conventional muddler and applying heavy pressure with your hand on the spoon end could result in injury.)

Cocktail Kingdom 30cm Muddler Ended Barspoon image 1