Mixing Cosmopolitans: The Pouring Tales

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Category: Books

Author(s): Daniel Staub
ISBN: 9783907203040
Format: Hardback, 224 pages

Daniel Staub, the mind behind Zurich-based bars Flatbrook Attic and The Last Toucan, is quite the seasoned traveller.

Having visited cocktail hot spots around the world, Staub has a passion for bars, cocktails, and everything in-between. He’s had the pleasure of meeting talented figures in the drinks industry, collected their signature cocktail recipes and showcased them here in Mixing Cosmopolitans.

The book features 21 bar owners and bartenders, all at the helm of celebrated bars across 21 cities around the world. Staub presents compelling stories, drawing on origins and inspirations. Those in the business will see many familiar faces. Thanos Prunarus of Baba Au Rum in Athens believes bars in Japan are timeless, while Luke Whearty, founder of Singapore’s Operation Dagger, reveals why his favourite cocktail is the Piña Colada. Other personalities include Ivy Mix of Leyenda in New York, Alastair Burgess of London‘s Happiness Forgets and Terry Kim of Alice Cheongdam in Seoul.

The book is segmented by each personality, presented in a clean-cut style and peppered with photography. The profiles round off with a signature cocktail created by each - from a Sherlock to a Curfew Punch. Staub’s prose is engaging, although it's hard not to wish for more direct quotes from those featured. That said, he captures the sense of community among the global bar scene, highlighting a shared passion for hospitality and great drinks.

Mixing Cosmopolitans is a compendium of popular bars, hidden gems and the talented people behind them.

The book is available on Amazon.

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