18 October

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It's Cravat Day

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Black Tie

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By order of the Croatian Parliament, today is Cravat Day, a chance to celebrate the humble tie and practise Croat pride – for, unless you believe the Iranians, both the word “cravat” and the necktie that it denotes come from Croatia.

Legend relates that it was Croatian mercenaries who exported red neckties to the rest of Europe in the 17th century, by way of the famously dapper King Louis XIV of France, but it was definitely Croats who on today's date in 2003 tied the largest tie in the world around a Roman arena - the knot alone was 15 meters (161 feet) wide - and it was Croats who equipped a medieval bell tower with a red tie.

Today, statues across Zagreb will be dressed up in red ties, so why not wear a tie to work and join us in a Black Tie Cocktail?

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