4 October

It's International Vodka Day

Vodkatini / Vodka Martini

So we are drinking a...

Vodkatini / Vodka Martini

Our friends across the pond have given us a reason to celebrate. In America, the 4th of October is National Vodka Day, so by extension, for the rest of us, it's International Vodka Day. Why today? I have no idea, but stateside, today is also National Taco Day.

Anywise, we'll be enjoying tacos washed down with the cleansing, enlivening chill of a well-made Vodka Martini. A combo worthy of celebration.

It's also the anniversary of the start of the Space Age

On this day in 1957, the Space Age officially began, and the Space Race entered a new gear when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first human-created device to enter space. An artificial satellite, only about the size of a beachball, Sputnik was the forerunner of the thousands of satellites that orbit Earth today - and the opening gambit in the race that would lead to men walking on the moon, the International Space Station and billionaires to start their very own costly race to space.

We're marking the date with a Sputnik cocktail. Our take on this classic Soviet-era drink upgrades it from the original cheap Cuban and Georgian hooch and tinned orange into something rather drinkable.

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