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Strava - digital challenges

MARTINI RACING CICLISMO aims to build a global community of bartenders committed to a healthy lifestyle and improved well-being through group cycling.

The digital platform Strava allows participants in Ciclismo to connect with each other across the globe and collaborate in virtual cycling clubs called ‘charters’ – sharing progress, encouraging one another and celebrating in their success.

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Strava is a social fitness network that is primarily used to track cycling (and running) using GPS (global positioning system) data. Individuals can upload their rides using Strava's dedicated app on a smartphone or via a third-party bike computer, such as those found on Garmin or Wahoo bikes. The benefit of the platform is that it can be used anywhere, allowing Ciclismo cyclists to participate in activities regardless of whether they can attend in person.

Participants will be invited to join both the global and their local MARTINI RACING CICLISMO charter after registering.