2019 UK final

2019 UK final

Lucia Montanelli is crowned UK Beluga Signature winner 2019.

Ten of the UK's top bartenders competed head-to-head at Hush Mayfair in June 2019 for the title of UK Beluga Signature champion 2019, and for a spot at the global finals in Moscow, Russia.

The line-up of judges included bartending legend Peter Dorelli, the UK Beluga Signature winner 2018 Lorenzo Rocci and our very own Paloma Alos. Presented with ten creative creations from ten creative bartenders they were treated to a series of experiential serves focused around the concept of luxury.

Lucia Montanelli from The Bar at The Dorchester emerged the worthy winner, with her Beluga Siberian Treasure captivating the judges' attention and imagination. Her attention to detail, creative flair and a balanced tasty cocktail all stood out.

Second and third places deservedly went to Paride Fameli with his elegant Lady Beluga and Michael Duda for his beautifully presented and served Beluga Sublime.

Congratulations to all finalists and good luck Lucia at the global final in Moscow!

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Lucia Montanelli - UK Beluga Signature winner

The Bar at The Dorchester, London

Beluga Siberian Treasure

50ml Beluga Gold Line
15ml Lillet Blanc
5ml Kummel
5ml Homemade shrub cucumber and pickle onion

Shrub cucumber and pickle onion ingredients:
1 fresh cucumber, 300g sugar, 50ml onions and gherkins pickle vinegar.

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Paride Fameli - 2nd place

The Arts Club, London

Lady Beluga

45ml Beluga Noble
7.5ml White balsamic vinegar from Modena
2 barspoons Homemade black currant and manuka honey jam
Top up Blanc de Blanc Champagne

Garnish: Lady Beluga dust on the rim of the glass and Nemesia flowers on the stem of the glass.

Glass: Port wine glass

Lady Beluga dust is the result of fennel seeds, dry lemon verbena, rose petals and dry black currants all blended together.

Homemade marmalade is made cooking at 80 degrees 1kg of black currants with 300g of Manuka honey without any other kind of sugar.

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Michael Duda - 3rd place

The Library Bar at The Lanesborough, London

Beluga Sublime

50ml Beluga Gold Line
15ml Strega liqueur
50ml Jasmine and white apricot tea cordial
2 barspoons Apricot and lavender jam
5ml Lemon juice

Method: Shake and fine strain into the frozen cold silver teapot.

Serve and garnish: in a porcelain teacup accompanied with a lavender candle. Hibiscus and saffron caviar to garnish.

The other finalists

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Riccardo Lupacchini

Scarfes bar, London

Beluga GA

40ml Beluga Allure
60ml Soda
10ml-25ml Gentleman bitter cider*
30ml-15ml Childhood liqueur*
Difference of ml are due to guest final touch.

Gentleman bitter cider: Recovered sassy cider infused vanilla and chocolate nibs.
Childhood liqueur: Nutella distillate, marshmallow, apple juice, raspberry syrup, citric acid solution.

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Luca Ardito

The Donovan Bar, London

Beluga Shadow

50ml Beluga Gold Line
35ml Distilled water risotto alla Milanese
(50gr carnaroli rice, 2 saffron, 50ml Lugana wine, 300ml water.)
1 drop black pepper and liquorice ink

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Alex Borovko

Hakkasan, London

Beluga Express

50ml Beluga Gold Line
25ml Cold brew Sencha tea
50ml Clarified sour cream and milk
10ml Bergamot liqueur
5ml Lemon juice

Method: Clarification.
Garnish: Sour cream meringue with gold spray.

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Marek Cielica

The Ivy Market Grill, London

Reveal the Beluga

50ml Beluga Noble
25ml Coconut water infused with thyme
15ml Champagne syrup
1 dash of peppermint bitters

Method: Stir, martini glass, no ice
Garnish: Few strings of fresh thyme attached to the glass. As a garnish next to the glass, a small bowl of blackberry pearls*.

*100gr of blackberry puree and 1gr of agar agar. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, bring it to boil, form little pearls through very cold oil.

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Patrik Szappanos

The Gibson, London

Romeo & Juliet by Beluga

50ml Beluga Transatlantic with Marygold and Primerose.
25ml Geranium Italicus
25ml White Choco Agrodolce
Splash Champagne
Black mallow tea

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Miriam Nini

The Groucho Club, London

Beluga Airlines

50ml Beluga Transatlantic Racing
10ml Fino sherry
30ml Pickled red and blue currants brine*
50ml Homemade Kwass*

Pickled red and blue currants brine: 150g red and blue currants with leaves, 100g sugar, 200ml white wine vinegar.
Homemade Kwass: 1l water, 90g sugar, 2.5g fresh yeast, 350g rye toasted bread, 50g raisins sultanas, 1 sliced lemon-rested 48hr.

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Cameron Fielding

Fika bar and restaurant, Manchester

Beluga Avant-Garde

40ml Beluga Noble
15ml Cacao Blanc
15ml Champagne syrup
22.5ml Lemon juice

Serve: Fabergé egg. No ice.
Garnish: Champagne caviar, sugar dome, cacao mist.

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