The Havana Club Recipe Hub is an initiative to reconnect bartenders and their audience while the bars are closed. It gives bartenders from around the world the opportunity to get in front of the camera at home and bring Havana Club's chosen timeless rum classics to life online.

Bartenders, this is your platform to entertain and inspire people to have a go at making drinks at home as well as a chance to share your recipe online and through Instagram. The most engaging and imaginative drinks and videos will be watched and rated by people all over the world so get creative!

How to enter

If you're a bartender pretty much anywhere in the world (other than the USA) to take part simply:

1. Select one of the Havana Club's Timeless Classics.

2. Film yourself making the drink in a creative way. You should aim for 1 minute 30 video max.

3. Upload your video to YouTube. You'll need to name your video "Havana Club...." e.g "Havana Club Spring Daiquiri"

4. Enter your drink via the Difford's Guide Website. Copy and paste the URL of your video from YouTube and add it to the ENTER section alongside all of your personal details to become part of the competition.

What's to win

The bartender's video with the most votes will win a huge €1,000 prize! With second place receiving €600 and third place €400. In addition, Havana Club will be awarding 100 runners up prizes of €200 each.


Everyone loves getting likes on Instagram, so we encourage you to use it as a platform to get people to engage with your cocktail video: we'll be offering three prizes of €200 for the posts with the most likes. Just don't forget to use the correct hashtags in order to claim the prize #havanaclubrecipehub #havanaclub #yeshavanaclub

Participation & Results

As a bartender, you can submit your entry till Sunday, June 7th 2020 (12pm CET) and encourage your friends to vote for your video till Sunday, June 14th 2020 (12pm CET).

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 17th 2020 on @havanaclub_pro Instagram account plus on Difford's Guide.