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Closure: Natural cork stopper

Περισσότερα για το Grey Goose L'Orange

Παράγεται από:: Bacardi Martini Grey Goose Production
Owned by: Bacardi Limited
UK distribution by: Bacardi UK
UK consumer PR by: APR Communications
UK trade PR by: Publicasity
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alc./vol: 40%

Proof: 80°

Χρονιά: Non-vintage

Παλαίωση: Unaged

Χώρα παραγωγής: Product of France France

An orange-flavoured line extension of Grey Goose vodka, launched in the US in 2000 and 2002 in the UK. The clear goose-shaped window on the distinctive frosted bottle magnifies a Paul Cézanne painting of a bowl of oranges printed on the back of the bottle.
Grey Goose L’Orange is flavoured with essential oils extracted from the skin of sweet oranges from Florida, Brazil and New Guinea, where they are harvested year round, according to season, for maximum freshness. The oranges are first lightly compressed to extract the juice and then more firmly crushed to extract the essential oils from the peel. The fruit is then sprayed with cold water to remove the delicate essential oils while they are fresh. After resting for a period, the liquid separates into essential oil at the top and water below. The oil is then siphoned off using a tapping method and filtered.

A flavour house uses a specially-designed column still to distil the filtered oils twice using a vacuum distillation process - at pressures as much as 1,000 times lower than natural atmospheric pressure. This brings the boiling point down to 60˚C so avoiding the need to use excessive heat which would affect flavour. The distillation separates the orange oil into its various elements and only 20% of these are selected and blended together to produce the essential oil used to flavour Grey Goose.


Η γευσιγνωσία έγινε στις 07/12/2015


Crystal clear.


Pungent, clean fresh mandarin zest with faint floral scents - somewhat akin to a very expensive scented soap or perfume.


Clean and elegant with zesty satsuma orange and a peppery note of grainy vodka.


Orange zest finish with bitter orange notes with cracked black pepper.

Συνολική αίσθηση:

Clean, zesty satsuma orange with cracked black peppery spice.

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