La Quintinye Rouge Vermouth Royal

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Bottle size: 75cl
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alc./vol: 16.5%

Proof: 33°

Χρονιά: Non-vintage

Παλαίωση: No age statement

Χώρα παραγωγής: Product of France France

Pronounced 'Quin-Tea-Knee', this is thought to be first vermouth to be based on Pineau des Charentes - white Pineau des Charentes for the Extra-Dry and Blanc, and red Pineau des Charentes for La Quintinye Rouge. The blend also uses white wines from the South West of France.

All three La Quintinye vermouths share the same base of 12 botanicals in varying quantities: Artemisia (wormwood), vine flowers, angelica, iris root, cardamom, cinnamon, Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange), nutmeg, ginger, cinchona (quinine bark), liquorice and Quassia Amara (Amargo or Bitter-ash). Additional botanicals are specific to each vermouth, a total of 18 in the Blanc, 27 in the Extra-Dry and 28 in the Rouge. Unusually, La Quintinye vermouths don't contain added caramel.

Named after Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinye, botanist to King Louis XIV of France and architect of the renowned kitchen gardens at the Palace of Versailles. Born 1623, La Quintinye grow up in France's Charente region, the home of cognac and Pineau des Charentes, which along with the botanicals and garden is the link to this vermouth. Appropriately, the neck label of each bottle of La Quintinye bears the portrait of Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinye proudly standing in front of his gardens.

A Fleur de Lys, the symbol of French Royalty, also adorns each bottle and the label is illustrated with botanical drawings in a 16th century style, representing wormwood (essential for vermouth), vine flower (the signature of EWG Spirits and Wines), iris root and angelica, indigenous to Charente.

The result of four years of experimentation by Jean-Sébastien Robicquet of EWG Spirits and Wines, La Quintinye Vermouth was launched in London's lavish 19th-century Café Royal Grill Room on Monday 27th January.


Η γευσιγνωσία έγινε στις 03/02/2014


Clear, deep tawny amber with burgundy glints.


Barky bitter cherry, raspberry jelly, pine forest, eucalyptus, rosemary, vanilla and prune with liquorice and creamy mocha coffee.


Bittersweet with great interaction between barky eucalyptus, rosemary, raspberry jam, cranberry jelly, cherry and vanilla sweetness with notes of cola, hazelnut and cherry.


Dry, herbal eucalyptus.

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Buy direct from

The Whisky Exchange

Bottle size: 75cl
£ 22.95
the_whisky_exchange store logo

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