Mixers, minerals and juices

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Mixers, minerals and juices are hardly the sexiest items gracing the shelves and fridges of your average bar. However, they are equally important as the beers, wines, spirits and liqueurs. After all where would the G&T be without tonic or a Scotch & soda without that refreshing sparkling water?

Arguably the quality of a juice or mixer is more important than the spirit it is being mixed with. Splashing out (forgive the pun) on a quality juice or mixer is also comparatively affordable compared the cost of the spirits and liqueurs it is to be mixed with.

Please be aware of 'sell by' and 'use by' dates. Also be sure to refrigerate and use within the specified period recommended by the manufacturer after opening. Check the freshness of fruit juices by shaking vigorously and tasting. If fizzy, discard and open a fresh one.


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