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Winning cocktail: A Bright Idea

"The inspiration for this cocktail comes from right here where I live, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose. Being surrounded by companies like Apple,Google,and Tesla, this area is well known for its innovation, with cocktails being no exception!"

2 oz Beefeater 24
0.75 oz fresh yuzu juice
1oz pink peppercorn syrup
1 barspoon chartreuse elixir vegetal
Top with bitter artichoke foam
Green matcha powder
(micro chip stensil)

"To make A Bright Idea add Gin, Charteuse, Yuzu, and Peppercorn Syrup to a shaker and shake. Double strain into the copper coupe. Add Bitter Artichoke Foam till just short of the top of the coupe. Place homemade stencil over cocktail and sprinkle matcha tea power over it to create the micro chip design. Then enjoy!"

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