Raines Law Rooms

Διεύθυνση: 48 West 17th Street, (btwn 5th & 6th Aves), New York City, New York, 10011, United States
Τηλέφωνο: reservations@raineslawroom.com
Website: View bar's website
Ώρες λειτουργίας: Mon-Thu 5pm-2am; Fri 5pm-3am; Sun 8pm-2am
Είσοδος: Κάντε κράτηση
Είδος: Speakeasy
Προτείνεται για: Cocktail
Εύρος τιμών: High End
Φαγητό: Δεν υπάρχει
Ιδρύθηκε: 2009

Φωτογραφίες: diffordsguide.com

Review Words by Simon Difford on 2013-03-07

Descend a few steps at the foot of an unmarked building and press the bell-push besides the unmarked door. Inside lies one of most upscale of Manhattan's many speakeasy-styled lounges.

Upon entering your find yourself in the most homely of dimly lit lounges with armchairs, sofas, small coffee tables, shaded lamps and a fireplace. Beyond this lies a passageway between walls of black sheer drapes behind which lie semi-private curtained alcoves, each with a wall buzzer with which to summon the attentive waitresses.

At the end of the virtual passageway is what the doorman may describe as "standing room only". In any party the real action takes place in the kitchen and that means standing around the oval, gold topped island bar-come kitchen where Raines skilled bartenders ply their trade, chatting with assembled guests while they mix. Behind the kitchen is a small terrace for summer evenings.

Everything about Raines Law Rooms is comforting; the furnishings, the atmosphere and the warm welcome. Order a fabulous cocktail and you'll feel right at home.

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