Takeaway Cocktails from Black Pearl

Words by Jane Ryan

Photography by Black Pearl

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One of Australia's longest-standing cocktail bars has found a way to keep serving its loyal community. The answer? Couch cocktails.

No one could have predicted the world we currently find ourselves living in, in April 2020. Lockdown, isolation, social distancing. It's a world where the gathering places of our communities are shut and blocked off, and for us at Difford's Guide that's always been our local bars. We all know it's for the best but not being able to stroll down to your favourite spot after work and sit in front of your favourite bartender and watch them mix up your favourite tipple... well, it's not brilliant is it?

But what a sign of the times that our standout Australian venues haven't just thrown in the towel and said goodbye to their communities for the next few months. Instead they have found workarounds to keep serving us, keep bringing us their latest and best creations and keep us looking beyond tomorrow and towards the moment we can drink with them again.

Joining that list today (06.04.2020) is the inimitable Black Pearl, a stalwart of the Melbourne scene and beloved globally by its long list of alumni, but perhaps loved none so much as by its local community. So yes, you can now enjoy Black Pearl cocktails on the couch, in the shower or sitting on your roof. Wherever so long as it's at home.

Thanks to the Victorian government the bar on Brunswick Street has just received a brand spanking new licence that means for the first time in 18 years the team can bring the Black Pearl experience to you, with both home delivery and takeaway now available. Can't wait to order - just click here.

"I’m so thankful that the Victorian government has granted us this license. It has allowed me to continue work, even in a reduced capacity. It’s been a great project to keep our minds off the upside-down world we are now apart of, and also put some dollars in the till to keep the business afloat during this uncertain time," Shay Chamberlain, bar manager, told Difford's Guide.

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Shower Martini - #showusyourshowermartini

What's to order? They've assembled some 'wine serves' which come in 750ml bottles and need to be chilled, and then there's the freezer serves which are boozier, sharper and need to be... well you get it, kept in the freezer. Everything you need will be delivered to your door (or given to those opting to pick-up), which includes booze, garnishes and a much-needed smile from the friendly staff (at a safe social distance).

"When it comes to the drinks we will be featuring current Black Pearl Menu drinks and twists on our favourite classics, they are after all the backbone of the craft and drinks you can rely on. Also keep an eye out for our Virtual Pop-Up; cocktails from our friends from PS40, Dante, Panda and Sons and that’s just the beginning," says Shay.

Black Pearl will be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and orders can be made through their website (here) or just send the guys a DM on whatever platform you connect with them regularly. Order by 4pm and they’ll no-contact deliver same day to a 4km radius or you can swing past 304 Brunswick St on your way from picking up the necessities for take-aways.

So, as Black Pearl says, stay safe, stay home, let them do the rest.

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