Pomegranate (Grenadine) Syrup

Originally grenadine was syrup flavoured with pomegranate. Sadly, most of today’s commercially available grenadine syrups are flavoured with red berries and cherry juice. They may be blood red but they don’t taste of pomegranate. Hunt out one of the few genuine commercially made pomegranate syrups or make your own.

1. Simple: Gradually pour and stir two cups of granulated sugar into a saucepan containing one cup of pomegrate juice and gently warm until the sugar is dissolved (do not let the juice even simmer!). Consider adding half a split vanilla pod for extra flavour. Allow syrup to cool and fine strain into an empty bottle. If kept in a refrigerator this mixture will last for a week or so (please be aware of the use-by date of your pomegranate juice).

2. Messy: Separate the seed cells from the outer membranes and skin of eight pomegranates. Simmer these in a saucepan with 25ml/1oz of sugar syrup and ¼ of a vanilla pod for each pomegranate for at least an hour. Allow to cool, strain through a cheesecloth-layered sieve and store in a refrigerator.

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