8 September

International Literacy Day

The Book of Kells

So we are drinking...

The Book of Kells

Today is the day when UNESCO calls our minds to focus on literacy. Now, given you're reading this, this is clearly not an issue for you - you can probably handle even the most antiquated cocktail book with ease.

Literacy, however, is still a problem for almost a billion adults around the world - and not only those for whom literacy involves reading tough languages with thousands of characters like Mandarin, but even those who use our simple Western alphabet.

Folk who can't read and write miss out on essential freedoms. And many of their children face restricted futures too. In praise of the written word, which brings us everything from cocktail recipes to world news and great literature, we are drinking a Book of Kells Cocktail, a spirituous riff on a Vieux Carré. If you are after something more on the fruity side, then you may find the equally appropriate Ink Cocktail more to your tastes.

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