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Back in 2009, I was inspired to start our Cocktail of the Day during a visit to Barcelona when I noticed that many of the old-school cocktail bars such as Ideal, Tandem and Boadas had signs behind the bars titled Cóctel del Dia suggesting a cocktail.

I asked one bartender why the bar had chosen a particular cocktail to recommend for that day and disappointingly, but honestly, he replied that they had a number of cocktails that they simply rotated. It occurred to me that with the thousands of cocktails on Difford's Guide we should be able to find an appropriate cocktail for each day, influenced by an event, anniversary or celebration.

When I started to research, I was struck by the wonderful diversity of days that are celebrated – everything from Smile Power Day to the day that man first walked on the moon – and how interesting many of them are. The background to each day cried out for a short explanation, so I decided to add one, rather than just listing an appropriate cocktail for a certain day.

So, we've at least one cocktail and a reason to drink that cocktail for every day of the year – you, we've even allowed for leap years. I hope you'll enjoy reading about each day whilst sipping the appropriate libation. And if you any suggestions for a day, please add your thoughts to the comments box and the bottom of that day's page.

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