19 July

Daiquiri Day

Daiquiri No.3

So we are drinking a...

Daiquiri No.3

Today bars the world over will be celebrating National Daiquiri Day, and as the original, non-slushified Daiquiri is one of our very favourite cocktails, we're more than happy to join them.

While the combination of rum, lime and sugar is a very, very old one - dating back to the early days of the British Navy and most likely before - most credit mining engineer Jennings Cox with the creation of the Daiquiri, perhaps naming it at the Venus Hotel in Santiago de Cuba. Yet the true master of the Daiquiri was, of course, a Catalonian-Cuban - Constantino Ribailagua Vert of Havana's Floridita. So, we're marking today with our take on Constante's concoction, the Daiquiri No.3 which pre-dates his better-known Hemingway Daiquiri.

If that puts you in a Daiquiri mood, we've links to a dozen more recipes for you to sample below, plus you may want to further explore our pages on the Daiquiri cocktail.

Quick links to classic Daiquiri recipes

Daiquiri No.1 (Difford's 10:3:2 formula)
Daiquiri No.1 (Popular 6:2:1 formula)
Daiquiri No.1 (Embury's 8:2:1 formula)
Daiquiri No.1 ('countdown' 3:2:1 formula)
Daiquiri No.1 On-the-rocks
Daiquiri No.1 Frozen
Daiquiri No.1 (El Floridita style)
Daiquiri No.2 with triple sec and orange juice
Daiquiri No.2 (El Floridita style) with sweet vermouth, white cacao and grenadine
Daiquiri No.4 (Florida style) - golden rum based with maraschino liqueur
Daiquiri No.5 (Pink Daiquiri) - with pomegranate syrup and maraschino
Hemingway Special Daiquiri (Papa Doble) - double the rum with grapefruit and maraschino
Mulata Daiquiri - with aged rum and originally Bacardi Elixir - now with crème de cacao

Daiquiri Day image 1 Daiquiri Day image 2 Daiquiri Day image 3 Daiquiri Day image 4 Daiquiri Day image 5 Daiquiri Day image 6 Daiquiri Day image 7 Daiquiri Day image 8 Daiquiri Day image 9 Daiquiri Day image 10 Daiquiri Day image 11 Daiquiri Day image 12

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