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Beefeater MIXLDN - Manuela Lerchbaumer

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Winning cocktail: Gold App-pear

"I was inspired by the "Mühlviertel" - the region where I live. People living in the Mühlviertel - the so called "Mühlviertler", grow a variety of old apples and pears. They produce a lot of "Most" and vinegar out of it. I wanted to create somtehing similar to the "Most" and so my shrub was born.

Furthermore, "Mühlviertler" have the nick name "Mostschädel", wich basically means being stubborn in a very kind, funny way. I believe that sometimes you just need to be a "Mostschädel" in order to create something very special."

60ml Beefeater 24
10ml Whiskey liqueur
20ml Apple, pear and white balsamic shrub
3 dash Peychaud's Bitters
Grapefruit zest

Garnish: Sugar spiral and gold foiled apple and pear pieces.

Put Beefeater 24, shrub and whiskey liqueur with ice into a mixing glass. Stir the spirits. Double strain into a coupe glass without ice. Put three dashes Peychaud's bitter into the drink and finish with grapefruit zest.

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