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Beefeater MIXLDN - Jónmundur Þorsteinsson

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Winning cocktail: (The treasures of) Laugardalur

"The inspiration behind my drink comes from my childhood. I grew up in Laugardalur, Reykjavík, Iceland. When me and my friends were kids we used to play in our neighbors gardens and local parks. Due to our harsh climate we don't have many plants that grow wild here but there are some plants that I still remember eating and playing with as a child. My cocktail is based around those plants because I think that some nostalgia behind any cocktail makes the experience so much more better."

45ml / 1½oz Beefeater London Dry gin
22.5ml / ¾oz Icelandic rhubarb liquor
30ml / 1oz Juiced sheep's sorrel
22.5ml / ¾oz Chervil syrup
2 dash Orange bitters

Garnish with a bouquet of herbs.

Jónmundur says "The cocktail is shaken and fine strained in a ceramic cocktail glass.

The cocktail is based on herbs that underline and lift up the herbal qualities of Beefeater gin, especially the liquorice and angelica. With sheeps sorrel you get oxalic acid which keeps the cocktail alive on your palate."

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