Celery saccharum

Words by Simon Difford

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Celery saccharum is a cocktail ingredient made by infusing chopped celery in sugar. The sugar pulls the juice from the chopped celery to produce a sweet celery syrup. No water is added, the sugar is liquified only from the juice of the celery.

Before using celery in cocktails you serve to others, please be aware that celery is a major allergen.

To make

Ideally make as follows by weighing. However, visually combining equal parts sugar and chopped celery (or even slightly more sugar) is fine as you can fine strain out any undisloved sugar.

  1. Clean and chop eight sticks of celery.
  2. Place a Kilner jar on scales and zero scales.
  3. Fill the jar with celery and weigh.
  4. Add an equal weight of white caster sugar to the jar.
  5. Muddling the celery and sugar is not necessary but speeds the extraction process.
  6. Seal jar and leave to infuse for at least 3 hours, turning the jar very 30 minutes of so. Muddling the celery with the sugar hastens the process.
  7. Strain through a fine sieve and bottle ready for use.
  8. Refrigerate and use within 3 days.


I've no idea who first extracted juice from celery with sugar but I first came across celery saccharum in Ed Belshaw's The Field Marshal cocktail in UK final of Bacardi Legacy (March 2020). This is an excellent cocktail but sadly it failed to win him a place in the global final

Cocktails with celery saccharum

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