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New Western dry gins

This is a loose term championed by the American bartending consultant Ryan Magarian for gins which some say border on being legally being gins at all due to their relatively low levels of juniper.

To quote Ryan, "This designation seems to have evolved over the past nine years, as a result of efforts from both large brand houses and regional distillers in Europe and in the United States. In taking a good hard look at today's rather loose definition of dry gin, these distillers realized a greater opportunity for artistic 'flavor' freedom in this great spirit and are creating gins with a shift away from the usually overabundant focus on juniper, to the supporting botanicals, allowing them to almost share center stage. And while the juniper must remain dominant in all dry gins these gins are most certainly defined, not by the juniper itself, but by the careful inclusion and balance of the supporting flavours, creating, what many experts believe to be, an entirely new designation of dry gin that deserves individual recognition."

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