Margarita cocktail

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Margarita variations

Words by Simon Difford

The Margarita can loosely be categorised as being a Tequila Sour, a Tequila Sidecar or a Tequila Daisy, but it is now such a well-known and popular drink that it has become a category of cocktail in itself with numerous variations.

The Margarita even has its own day, Margarita Day which falls on the 22nd February each year.

We boast over 70 different "Margarita" Recipes on Difford's Guide. However, the following are among our favourites.

Margarita on-the-rocks image

Margarita on-the-rocks

This is how we prefer our margaritas to be served. Tangy citrus and tequila with a hint of balancing sweetness and a faint salty undertone. We also prefer

Mezcal Margarita image

Mezcal Margarita

A smokin' Margarita. Depending on your palate, you may want to vary the amount of agave syrup – from 2.5ml or even no agave syrup for dry palates to

Tommy's Margarita image

Tommy's Margarita

The flavour of agave is king in this simple Margarita, made without the traditional orange liqueur.

Blood Orange Margarita image

Blood Orange Margarita

Notes of tequila, orangey triple sec, bittersweet liqueur, blood orange and lime juice all sit in perfect kilter in this tasty riff on the classic Margarita.

Celtic Margarita image

Celtic Margarita

A Scotch Margarita - try it, it works.

Devil's Margarita image

Devil's Margarita

Due to a lack of orange liqueur, this is not strictly a Margarita. However, the red wine float fits the name and sipping the underlying 'margarita' through

Italian Margarita image

Italian Margarita

A liberal dash of amaretto adds very Italian subtexts of apricot and almond to your classic Margarita.

Macca Margarita image

Macca Margarita

Orange juice adds fruity dilution to what could also be called a Breakfast Margarita. Sir Paul McCartney (yup of Beatles fame) is said to like his Margaritas

Margarita (frozen) image

Margarita (frozen)

Citrus freshness with the subtle agave of tequila served frozen.

Margarita (no added sugar* & low-calorie) image

Margarita (no added sugar* & low-calorie)

* BEWARE: Although free of cane sugar and beet sugar, this cocktail contains small amounts of fructose sugars from the agave nectar used in the Agave Sec

Margarita (straight-up) image

Margarita (straight-up)

If desired, for the perfect salt rim you can liquidise or grind sea salt to make it finer, then run a cut slice of lime (or orange) around the outside

Pastry War Margarita image

Pastry War Margarita

Mezcal, amaro, elderflower liqueur and salt add attitude and complexity to this Margarita-styled cocktail.

Rusty Margarita image

Rusty Margarita

The rich honeyed notes from Drambuie combine harmoniously with tequila and add an extra dimension to this tasty Margarita. This cocktail is at it's best

Saúco Margarita image

Saúco Margarita

The floral notes of elderflower combine wonderfully with the herbaceous tequila and citrusy lime.