5 June

World Environment Day

Green Destiny

So we are drinking a...

Green Destiny

With the amount of environmental action in the news, climate change now mainstream science, and many of the world's best minds focused on how to solve the problems of the world, it is hard to imagine that this day only originated in 1972.

Yep, in 1972, the UN first decided the environment was a topic worth talking about and acting on, and held a five day conference devoted to the subject. Today? The focus is on the green economy, or a way to improve lives and living standards around the world while reducing carbon emissions.

The world wastes 1.3 billion tonnes of food every year, or as much as all the food produced in all of sub-Saharan Africa, while more than 20,000 children under 5 die from hunger every single day. In the western world around half of the food and drink we throw away could be eaten, which would save the average household around £50 per month. What can you do? Don't buy too much. Know the difference between sell-by and use-by dates. And if you have a garden, perhaps grow some of your own fruit and veg.

While we examine our own environmental impact, we are enjoying a green-coloured (although depending on how you got your fruit, perhaps not so green) Green Destiny as an antidote to environmental doom. Chin chin!

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