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Winning Recipes

Monkey's highball

By Norbert Drozdowski

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Dill and raspberry powder.

How to make:

Additional ingredients:
35ml Sage, nettle and roasted coriander seeds cordial

1.Prepare glass with the garnish: spray the glass with sugar syrup and sprinkle with both separately dehydrated dill and raspberry powder.
2.Pour gin and cordial into chilled Collins glass filled up with ice and stir
3.Top up with Fever-Tree premium soda water

50 ml Monkey 47 gin
100 ml Fever-Tree Premium Soda Water


Herbaceous and roasted/earthy aromas on the nose.
With balanced complexity of the gin with coriander seeds and primary sage notes finished with a hint of nettle, enhanced with sparkles from soda water.


Thinking about Monkey 47 Gin is hard to not think about having a highball with it, so that soda water can transfer and highlight sophisticated flavours of Monkey's botanicals.
To enhance this flavours I decided to make garden sage cordial, which is one of the botanicals used in the Gin. Besides enhancing the flavours with roasted coriander seeds and nettle adding extra complexity and layers of texture and flavor complexity e.g. earthiness of coriander seeds and herbaceousness of wild nettle.
Garnished with dill and raspberry power, which have intensive aromas, that you can smell while holding the cocktail, so it improves overall perception of the drink, making it a journey of discovering different flavors and aromas with every single sniff and sip of the cocktail.

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