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Winning Recipes


By Norbert Drozdowski

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Serve in a

Coupe glass


Raspberry & Strawberry fruit leather.

How to make:

Other ingredients:
75ml Sparkling Camel Valley Pinot Noir Brut Rose
15ml Home Made Gorse flower syrup

1.Shake all the ingredients in a shaker (apart from sparkling wine)
2.Strain into chilled Coupe glass
3.Top up with sparkling wine
4.Garnish with Raspberry & Strawberry fruit leather


Aparat from berry fruits, floral and herbal characteristics of the Gin. There are pronounced notes of red summer berries like ripe strawberries and raspberries coming form the sparkling wine with finishing notes of bergamot and dulse coming from the Everleaf Marine and a gentle, elegant sweetness from Gorse Flower syrup
Everything finished with fruit leather representing the leading flavour characteristics of Camel Valley Sparkling Rose. Which also servers as a "healthy" snack.


Trying to introduce inland Gin with coastline ingredients (Hence the the name)
Very local to me wine, that I use every day; Camel Valley Sparkling Rose wine from Cornwall, as well as Gorse flowers picked up on the Camel Trail leading to the vineyard
And English Everleaf Marine non-alcoholic drink, that represents seaside restaurant and town I work and live in.
A non-alcoholic "spirit" in an alcoholic cocktail is a fantastic "glue" that helps with connecting flavours and adding extra mouthfeell texture and in this case also additional flavours inspired by marine climate.
Basically introducing an egret monkey to Cornish coastline.

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