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How Goldstone Rum is made

Unlike other rums, Goldstone uses a unique blend of four sugars that have each been selected due to their characteristics. These premium raw ingredients combined with long established techniques in a Sussex distillery define Goldstone Rum.

During the fermentation process, fresh sugar cane juice is added for the notes of baked banana that it gives. To ensure freshness, the juice is added within hours of pressing. The following sugar to be added is jaggery, which is a solid sugar from India and provides a caramel flavour. Next comes panela, which is a South American, unrefined whole cane sugar that provides richness in the spirit. Finally, molasses is added to give some spice.

This blend of sugars, along with some dunder, is fermented in a rum yeast strain for 10-14 days and is regularly tested to determine the ideal time to distil. The Goldstone Rum still is a classic pot still with an aromax column that has been created to take any harshness out of the rum and leave a smooth and flavourful spirit.

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Tours & school

The Sussex distillery offers tours for the public once a month on a Saturday and a Rum School in their Spirit Lab that allows guests to distil their own rum.

South Downs Spirits Co. (Goldstone Rum)

Status: Operational
Established: 2022
Visitor Policy: Visitors by appointment only
Tel: +44 (0) 772 676 6507
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