Mezcal de los Angeles (Real Minero) NOM-037X


Independencia no. 2, Barrio medio
Santa Catarina Minas

Status: Operational

Established: Not supplied

Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible

Tel: Not supplied

Real Minero is the brand of the Ángeles-family from Santa Catarina Minas (about 30 minutes outside Oaxaca city). Fourth generation Mezcal producers, father Lorenzo Angeles-Mendoza and son Eduardo work the distillery, while mother Doña Florentina looks after the bottling and daughter Graciela Angeles Carreño is in charge of marketing. They produce about 80 gallons (300 litres) of mezcal per month - all of it certified organic.

Lorenzo and Eduardo cook their agave in an earth pit fired with oak and mesquite woods. Unusually, the Mineros use different wild or cultivated agaves, which are distilled individually or composed in the mash. The cooked agave are then manually shredded and fermented with wild yeasts in oak vats before double distillation in clay alembic stills with an 80 litre capacity. The Mineros are is famous for distillation in these earthenware pots, a tremendously laborious technique but which produces a very distinctive spirit. Often only 100 or 200 litres of these special batches are produced.