27 Setembro

Sunshine Cocktail #1 image

Today is World Tourism Day

Por isso estamos bebendo...

Sunshine Cocktail #1

Veja a Receita

Although we have yet to turn our clocks back, we are a few days past the autumn equinox and summer is, astronomically speaking, firmly over. We don't know where you went on your summer holiday. But we're betting it already feels a long way away. So thank you to the UN for celebrating World Tourism Day.

Now, of course, none of us like to think of ourselves as tourists. That's a term we save for other people, as they waddle down the beach in bumbags, travel pants and floral shirts, pile off coaches for synchronized photo shoots besides the London Eye, welly into a Full English in Benidorm, or slam back shooters in Cancun.

But we do like the odd dose of sunshine. So why not join us in a sunnily named cocktail, the Sunshine Cocktail, served to our preferred formula, #1? Or Vacation Cocktail

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