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1. Porn Star Martini - the most visited cocktail on Difford's Guide for a ninth year.

2. Gin Basil Smash - Jörg Meyer's tasty gin-based smash continues to climb. Up one place from 2022. (It was down in 33rd back in 2016.)

3. Naked & Famous - This contemporary classic was in second place in 2022. Back in 2018, this was a new entry at 64th from just outside the top 100 in 2017.

4. Amaretto Sour – up one place to back to where it was in 2021. The Amaretto Sour was No.2 during 2020 and 2019. (I've aggregated traffic from the less visited but rather better Morgenthaler Amaretto Sour.

5. Espresso Martini - Dick Bradsell's stimulating cocktail has slipped one place from 2022. However, its true popularity is hidden by page views being split over numerous versions – I like a Grappa Espresso Martini.

6. Picante de la Casa - up from 11th place in 2022, 17th in 2021, this was a new entry at 20th place in 2020.

7. Mai Tai - this Tiki classic is commonplace on bar menus around the world and is up from 33rd place in 2022 but still down from its high of 13th place in 2021 and 2020.

8. The Last Word - Up from 13th place in 2022, 26th place in 2021, 31st place in 2020, and 29th in 2019.

9. Margarita - Thanks to including page views from the Tommy's Margarita this tequila-based classic was in 2nd place in 2022. However, I moved the classic to stand proudly on its own for 2023's numbers when it sat in 9th place.

10. Vieux Carré - this New Orleans classic is up one place from 2022 and continues its climb from 27th place in 2018.

11. Paper Plane - Up from 18th place in 2022, this was a new entry at 65th in 2018.

12. Whiskey Sour - up from 29th place in 2022, 31st place in 2021 and 43rd in 2020.

13. French Martini - this fruity cocktail has broad appeal and holds its position, although still down from its 4th place high in 2020.

14. Daiquiri - down from 8th place in 2022 but still way up from 34th place in 2021 and 49th place in 2020. Made well, this is a brilliantly refreshing cocktail. Sadly, all too few do it well!

15. Jungle Bird - up from 21st place in 2022 and 32nd place in 2021. This was a new entry from narrowly outside the top 100 during 2018.

16. Manhattan - as in previous years, I've combined page views from Sweet and Perfect Manhattans (few drink Dry Manhattans). The Manhattan was down from 7th place in 2021 to 41st in 2022. Happily, it's on the assent again.

17. Negroni - this easy to make equal parts bittersweet aperitivo was consistently in our top 10 but slipped to 24th in 2022. It's not that its popularity has waned – to the contrary, the views on the classic serve are knocked by the numerous riffs such as the White Negroni and during 2021, particularly the Negroni Sbagliato.

18. Screaming Orgasm - down one place from 2022. The Porn Star Martini isn't the only lewd-named cocktail that's popular.

19. Cosmopolitan - this contemporary classic is on the rise again after it fell from 10th place in 2021 to 53rd in 2022.

20. Paloma - up from 34th place in 2022 but still well down from 9th place in 2021. It was 15th in 2020, and 27th in both 2019 and 2018.

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