World’s Top 100 Cocktails


1. Porn Star Martini - the most visited cocktail on Difford's Guide for a fifth year. Proof that either sex sells or folk like vanilla flavoured vodka, vanilla syrup and passion fruit liqueur. And indeed, these three products are the bestselling on Difford's Guide's UK shop.

2. Amaretto Sour - the 2nd most visited cocktail on Difford's Guide during 2019 and consistently in our top ten for the past four years. (We've aggregated traffic from the less visited but rather better Morgenthaler Formula.

3. Espresso Martini - this stimulating cocktail is up from 7th place last year.

4. Dry Martini - the various styles and ratios of Dry Martini combine to push the Dry Martini up from 20th place in 2019.

5. Negroni - up from 9th place, it is now more than just bartenders who enjoy this easy to make equal parts bittersweet drink.

6. Margarita and Tommy's Margarita - continue to head-up tequila-based cocktails. Tommy's Margarita receives more hits than the classic Margaritas (straight-up, on-the-rocks and frozen) combined on Difford's Guide.

7. French Martini - this fruity cocktail has wide appeal and is our star riser, up from 21st place in 2019. Be sure to try a Very French Martini with cognac.

8. Gin Basil Smash - this tasty gin-based cocktail is up from 19th place in 2019. It was 16th in 2018 and 33rd in 2017.

9. Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall - while bars strive to write highfalutin menus with sophisticated drinks made using house-made ingredients, it would appear many consumers are looking for something a lot more basic. This was the 11th most visited cocktail on Difford's Guide during 2019, 10th during 2018, 12th in 2017 and 15th in 2016). It is climbing steadily.

10. Bloody Mary - an incredibly popular cocktail in North America and the UK, and even on aeroplanes making the transatlantic crossing between the two. However, it is less popular elsewhere and languished at 157th place on Difford's Guide during 2017, 151st in 2016 and 146th in 2015 before rising to 19th in 2018 and 26th in 2019. It's great to now see this brunch classic in the top 10.

11. The Hemingway Special remains the most popular style of Daiquiri on Difford's Guide and helps drive the combined Daiquiri category to 11th place.

12. Manhattan - we've combined Dry, Perfect and Sweet serves to bring the Manhattan in at 12th place, up from 18th in 2019 (28th during 2018, 19th in 2017), but the Sweet Manhattan is by far the most popular on Difford's Guide.

13. Dirty Banana - helped by a One Direction blog referring to Harry Styles, this creamy cocktail has dropped just one place from 12th in 2018.

14. Snowball - such is the popularity of this drink each Christmas with home cocktail makers that by rights this should be in the top 10 but we've partially accounted for seasonality and demoted it to 14th place.

15. White Lady - this vintage classic was in 3rd place during 2018 and 9th in 2017. Is it now falling back, perhaps due to waning popularity in gin?

16. Screaming Orgasm - the Porn Star Martini isn't the only lewd named cocktail that's popular.

17. Hand Grenade - the New Orleans party cocktail was a new entry in 2018 at 45th place and continues to rise.

18. Cantaritos - millions of Mexicans can't be wrong! This rustic tequila classic was the 8th most viewed cocktail on Difford's Guide during 2018, up from 9th in 2017 and 13th in 2016. Tequila brands have been surprisingly slow to pick up on this POS opportunity.

19. Penicillin - this whisky-based cocktail was the 5th most viewed on Difford's Guide during 2018, the 7th during 2017 and 8th during 2016.

20. Vieux Carré - another cocktail from New Orleans. Up from 27th during 2018. Surely bartender driven.