World’s Top 100 Cocktails


1. Porn Star Martini - the most visited cocktail on Difford's Guide for a sixth year. Proof that either sex sells or folk like vanilla flavoured vodka, vanilla syrup and passion fruit liqueur. And indeed, these three products are the bestselling on our Difford's Guide UK shop.

2. Amaretto Sour - the 2nd most visited cocktail on Difford's Guide during 2019 and 2020, and consistently in our top ten for the past five years. (We've aggregated traffic from the far less visited but rather better Morgenthaler Formula Amaretto Sour.)

3. Espresso Martini - this stimulating cocktail retains its 3rd place (up from 7th place in 2019) and its numbers have grown so much over recent months that we predict a higher position in 2021.

4. French Martini - this fruity cocktail has wide appeal and is our star riser, up from 21st place in 2018 and 7th place in 2019. Be sure to also try a Very French Martini with cognac.

5. White Lady - this vintage classic was in 15th place in 2019, 3rd place during 2018 and 9th in 2017.

6. Negroni - consistently in the top 10 (5th in 2019 and 9th in 2018), it is now more than just bartenders who enjoy this easy to make equal parts bittersweet aperitivo.

7. Long Island Iced Tea - up from 22nd place in 2019, 31st during 2018, 44th in 2017, and 85th in 2016.

8. Gin Basil Smash - Jörg Meyer's tasty gin-based smash holds its 8th place for a 2nd year, up from 19th place in 2019, 16th in 2018 and 33rd in 2017.

9. Spritz - back in 2018 there were a number of Spritz cocktails competing for places on this list but it's the Aperol Spritz which has proved enduring.

10. Dirty Banana - this creamy cocktail climbs into the top 10 from 13th place in 2019, and 12th in 2018.

11. Cantaritos - millions of Mexicans can't be wrong! This rustic tequila classic has been in our top 20 since 2016. Tequila brands have been surprisingly slow to pick up on this POS opportunity.

12. Bramble - up from 23nd place in 2019, but down from 6th place in 2018. It's worth remembering that back in 2017 the Bramble was one place ahead of Dick's Espresso Martini.

13. Mai Tai - commonplace on bar menus around the world. Up from 32nd place in 2019, and 15th place in 2018.

14. Margarita - in previous years we included page views to the Tommy's Margarita which was the most popular style. However, this has fallen back so we've separated the more classic triple sec serve to leave the Tommy's version to fend for itself in our top 100.

15. Paloma - up 27th during 2019 and 2018, 41st place in 2017, and 56th place in 2016.

16. Screaming Orgasm - Maintaining its 16th place, the Porn Star Martini isn't the only lewd named cocktail that's popular.

17. Baby Guinness - new entry.

18. Mojito - the Mojito fell out of favour and during 2015 it became the 76th most viewed cocktail on Difford's Guide. However, in 2016 it recovered to 49th place and continued to gain in 2017 to end up 44th most viewed, then 33rd place in 2018. In 2019 it crashed back to 70th place but has now staged a dramatic recovery.

19. Vieux Carré - another cocktail from New Orleans. Up one place from 2019 and from 27th in 2018.

20. Picante de la Casa - new entry.