World’s Top 100 Cocktails


21. Corpse Reviver - this drink has grown massively in popularity, rising one more place from 22nd during 2018 and up from 100th place on this list in 2016.

22. Long Island Iced Tea - up from 31st place during 2018, 44th in 2017 and 85th in 2016.

23. Bramble - like other gin-based cocktails on this list, this contemporary classic is now falling. Down from 6th place during 2018. It was one place ahead of Dick's Espresso Martini during 2017.

24. Limoncello Spritz - a new entry at 35th during 2018. Limoncello and the Spritz are on trend.

25. Mexican Mule - Summer 2016 saw the Moscow Mule climb in popularity then variations such as this tequila-based mule knocked the vodka-based version back. Now even this is falling, down from 14th place in 2018.

26. Trinidad Sour. Up from 34th during 2018. Great for sales of Angostura.

27. Paloma - up one place from 27th during 2018, 41st place in 2017 and 56th place in 2016.

28. Paper Plane a new entry at 65th during 2018.

29. The Last Word - down from 23rd place during 2018, 18th during 2017 and 35th place in 2016.

30. Old-Fashioned - static from the same position during 2018 but a big fall from 10th place in 2017.

31. Cosmopolitan - down from 29th place during 2018 but still up from 32nd place in 2017.

32. Mai Tai - commonplace on bar menus around the world but down from 15th place in 2018. Has the Tiki revival passed?

33. San Francisco - a new entry at 42nd in 2018. Fruity vodka-based drinks are back – if indeed they ever went away.

34. Aviation - this gin classic has fallen from 24th place during 2018 and 21st during 2017 and 2016.

35. Whiskey Sour - up from 39th place during 2018, 49th place in 2017 and 89th place in 2016. Sours are on the ascendancy.

36. Cheeky Vimto - the first new entry of 2019 we saw huge traffic generated by this cocktail towards the end of the year.

37. Ramos Gin Fizz - down from 25th place during 2018, 18th in 2017, 19th in 2016, and 29th in 2015.

38. Naked & Famous - a new entry at 64th place during 2018 from just outside the top 100 in 2017. This contemporary classic is fast rising in popularity.

39. Gin Sour - a new entry at 49th place during 2018 and narrowly outside the top 100 in 2017. Gin may be falling but sours are rising.

40. Old Cuban - up from 47th place during 2018.