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Cocktails that dropped out the Top 100 Cocktails

Among the 13 cocktails that dropped out of our Top 100 during 2023 are several that previously boasted lofty positions, particularly the Dirty Banana. Others had just been clinging in there for some years.

The demise of the Negroni Sbagliato proves that while social media can pick something up, it quickly falls once the attention moves on.

Tequila Sunrise - this sat at 40th place in 2022, up from 46th place in 2021. It was a new entry at 80th place in 2020.

Negroni Sbagliato - social media drove this mistake of a cocktail into the top 100 in 2022. It fell out in 2023.

Brown Derby - a new entry at 68th place in 2022, it dropped out in 2023.

Dirty Banana - this creamy cocktail fell out of the Top 100 in 2023, but this continues a trend, falling from 70th place in 2022, 33rd in 2021, 10th in 2020, 13th in 2019, and 12th in 2018.

Comte de Sureau - a new entry in 2022, this elderflower cocktail crashed out in 2023.

Alexander - a new entry at 77th place in 2022, this creamy classic fell back out again in 2023.

Dirty Martini - 80th place in 2022 and a new entry at 91st place in 2021.

Southside - 86th place in 2022, 48th in 2021, 50th in 2020 and 49th in 2019 but previously a consistent performer in the mid-30s, falling from 37th in 2018.

Eastern Standard - 90th place in 2022, 97th in 2021, 57th in 2020, and 80th place in 2019 when this Soho House staple was a new entry.

Midnight Stinger - this was a new entry at 91st place in 2022.

Missionary's Downfall - 92nd place in 2022, 96th in 2021, 94th in 2020, 55th in 2019, 60th in 2018, 57th in 2017, and 80th in 2016.

Almond Old-fashioned - dropped out from 94th place in 2022, 77th in 2021, 61st in 2020, and 76th place in 2019 when this was a new entry.

Brooklyn - 97th place in 2022, 39th in 2021, 68th in 2020, 59th in 2019, 51st in 2018, and 40th place in 2017.

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