World’s Top 100 Cocktails


21. Snowball - such is the popularity of this drink each Christmas with home cocktail makers that in December the Snowball is always in our top 100.

22. Gin Sour - up from 39th place in 2019, this was a new entry at 49th place in 2018 and narrowly outside the top 100 in 2017.

23. Penicillin - this whisky-based cocktail was the 19th most viewed on Difford's Guide during 2019 but was prior to that was consistently in our top 10.

24. Tommy's Margarita - the first year we have separated the Tommy's Margarita page views from the classic Margarita.

25. Cheeky Vimto - up from its new entry position of 36th place in 2019, this is firmly attributed to our UK audience. You know who you are! Cheeky!

26. Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall - while bars strive to write highfalutin menus with sophisticated drinks made using house-made ingredients, it would appear many consumers are looking for something a lot more basic. This was our 9th most visited cocktail in 2019, 11th during 2018, 10th during 2017, 12th in 2016 and 15th in 2015).

27. Piña Colada - massively up from 64th place in 2019, 54th in 2018, 60th in 2017, and 68th in 2016.

28. Paper Plane - static at 28th place from 2019 and a new entry at 65th during 2018.

29. Corpse Reviver - down from 21st place in 2019 and 22nd during 2018 but still a massive climb from 100th place in 2016.

30. Zombie - up from 57th place in 2019, 32nd place in 2018, 59th in 2017 and 69th in 2016.

31. The Last Word - down two places from 2019, 23rd place during 2018, and 18th during 2017.

32. Black Manhattan - a massive riser during 2020, up from 96th place in 2019 when this was a new entry.

33. Naked & Famous - up from 38th place in 2019 this was a new entry at 64th in 2018 from just outside the top 100 in 2017. This contemporary classic continues to rise in popularity.

34. Manhattan - we've combined Perfect and Sweet serves to bring the Manhattan in at 34th place (down from 12th in 2019), but the Sweet Manhattan is by far the most popular on Difford's Guide.

35. Mexican Mule - summer 2016 saw the Mule climb in popularity when variations such as this tequila-based mule knocked the vodka-based version back. Now, having knocked the Moscow Mule out of our top 100 even this is falling, down from 25th in 2019 and 14th place in 2018.

36. Aviation - down two places from 2019 but a fall from 24th place during 2018 and 21st during 2017 and 2016.

37. Ramos Gin Fizz - static at 37th place from 2019, this was 25th in 2018, 18th in 2017, 19th in 2016, and 29th in 2015.

38. Hand Grenade - the New Orleans party cocktail was a new entry in 2018 at 45th place but has now fallen from its height at 17th place in 2019.

39. Old-Fashioned - down from 30th place in both 2019 and 2018, but a big fall from 10th place in 2017.

40. Rum Sour - a massive climber from 88th place in 2019 when this was a new entry.