What comes next
What comes next

What comes next

The Pinnacle Guide is dedicated to showcasing our industry in the best possible light, with a non-subjective lens and without prejudice. As such – it is crucial that we facilitate an opportunity for all voices within the industry to be heard whilst we finalise its format. Each and every person is invited to be part of the process.

From our industry launch in February until August 2022 we have hosted 13 Round Tables, discussing many different facets of our industry that could be considered when rewarding and awarding the best bars in the world. We have had the most incredible list of panellists across these Round Tables and all 13 hours are available to watch back online if you would like to take a look back over these open conversations. You can also catch up via a three-minute read hosted here on Difford's Guide if you don't have a spare 13 hours!

And so - for stage two of the planning... We'll now be analysing the findings from these calls, as well as the one-on-one conversations we've had and the feedback forms we've received. We'll be consulting experts outside of the industry - psychologists, environmentalists and data analysts to name but some and we'll be finalising the criteria of how a bar can receive a PIN.

This will all be happening behind the scenes, however, we remain available for you to speak to. Please just email us - hello@thepinnacleguide.com to set up a chat!

We envisage this next phase will take about another six months. We will then share our plan - ready for more feedback from you! And once that feedback has been reviewed and incorporated ... well then ... applications will be open and we'll start to review and award PINs.

As a final reminder - we would like to reiterate our pledge to the industry as we move forward to the next stage...

The PURPOSE of The Pinnacle Guide: To create an authentic, reliable and trusted recognition system that elevates the bar industry, underpinned by fair and visible processes.