The Tequila Ambassador

R.I.P. - No longer made

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Category: Books

Sub Category: Drink books

Author(s): Tomas Estes
ISBN: 9780955627651
Published: January 2013
Format: hardback

Publisher: Odd Firm of Sin Ltd

Due to overwhelming demand from people disappointed that they missed an opportunity to buy a copy of The Tequila Ambassador by Tomas Estes we have produced a reprint of just 1,500 copies. This print run has been kept deliberately low and will be a one-off, never to be repeated, limited reprint.

If you're one of the lucky few who already have a copy of the Tequila Ambassador make sure you keep it. With such a limited number of new copies being released they remain a valuable item of rarity.

Tomas Estes is an internationally renowned tequila expert and this is his first book. We originally published this back in 2012 and it sold out almost immediately. Tequila, and indeed Mexican agave spirits in general are Tomas' first love and his passion for the subject is evident in the pages of this informative book which includes a definitive history, production, and a series of interviews with some of tequila's most influential producers and personalities, including the late Don Julio González (Don Julio Tequila) and the famed Don Javier, owner of La Capilla in Tequila and the creator of the Batanga and Paloma cocktails. Tomas also includes just short of 100 tequila cocktail recipes.