2 July

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In Memory of Ernest Hemingway

So we are drinking a...

Death in the Afternoon

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Nobel Prize-winning author, war correspondent, big-game fisher, bullfighter and all-round macho man, Ernest Hemingway died on this day in 1961.

One of the world's most notorious drinkers, Hemingway famously hung out at the Paris Ritz and Harry's Bar in Venice.

Today, we've chosen to celebrate the great man's life, and mark his sad passing, with a cocktail of his own invention: Death in the Afternoon. Aptly named after Hemingway's nonfiction book about bullfighting, this potent blend of absinthe and champagne made its debut in a 1935 book of cocktails, So Red the Nose, by famous authors. We've toned down the maestro's original recipe a little, as it included a whopping amount of absinthe.

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