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How to make:

(Bulk recipe.) SOAK dried sorrel in water with ginger, ground cloves, and honey for 12 hours. Bring this mixture to the BOIL then leave to cool and SOAK for a further 12 hours, STRAIN and then keep refrigerated.

70 gram Hibiscus Flower (Red) Petals
1 14 litre Chilled water
30 gram Root ginger (thumbnail sized slice) (chopped)
12 dried Clove
3 spoon Orange blossom honey

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Sorrelade looks a little like cranberry juice and like cranberry juice has a bittersweet, slightly spicy taste.


Jamaican sorrel, also known by its scientific name 'Hibiscus Sabdariffa', is a plant propagated for its red petals. In Jamaica these are used to make this refreshing drink. (Jamaican sorrel is not related to the English Garden herb of the same name.)

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