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There are approximately 99 calories in one serving of Apple-Jacked.


Apple-Jacked image

Serve in a

Rocks glass


Orange zest twist & charred cinnamon stick

How to make:

SHAKE all ingredients and strain into ice-filled glass.

Special ingredient #1: Cucumber skin cordia Fortified burnt cinnamon infused honey (240g honey, 10 cinnamon sticks with one end burned, and 50ml Jack Daniels Old No.7, infused for 8 hours at 65°C, remove cinnamon, char one cinnamon stick completely and infuse)

Special ingredient #2: Pickling liquor Citric apple juice (Eager Apple Juice, 2% citric acid by weight)

Special ingredient #3: Ms Betters Batch 42 Aromatic Bitters

Special ingredient #4: Ms Betters Black Pepper & Cardamom Bitters

1 1/2 fl oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey
5/6 fl oz *Special ingredient #1 (see above)
1 2/3 fl oz *Special ingredient #2 (see above)
1/6 fl oz Lemon Oleo-Saccharum
4 drop *Special ingredient #3 (see above)
4 drop *Special ingredient #4 (see above)

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Created in November 2017 by Josh Allen of Tipple Cocktail Bar, Lancaster, UK, for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Calling II.

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