Las Raices



Highball glass
Measuring jigger
Bar spoon
Fine sieve


There are approximately 199 calories in one serving of Las Raices.


Las Raices

Las Raices image

Serve in a

Highball glass


Orange zest twist

How to make:

SHAKE first 4 ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass. TOP with tonic water.

Special ingredient #1: Vanilla brown sugar cane syrup (simmer 1:1 brown sugar cane and water. Add one vanilla pod cut in half, stir until sugar dissolves and cool).

1 12 fl oz Bacardi 8 year old rum
23 fl oz Coffee liqueur
13 fl oz *Special ingredient #1 (see above)
12 spoon Balsamic vinegar of Modena
Top up with Thomas Henry Tonic Water

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Kacper Dylak says of his drink, “Las Raices is Spanish for ‘roots.’ I consider my roots to have been shaped not only by my parents in my home country of Poland, but also by my journey through life. I have lived in Spain, England, Poland and now Switzerland; these places, every new person I have met and each new skill I have learnt has shaped who I am now.

“Being deeply attached to your roots does not mean standing in one place. Each ingredient in this cocktail relates to something important to my still-evolving story and connects it with the ever-evolving history of BACARDÍ rum.”


Swiss BACARDÍ LEGACY 2018 winning cocktail by Kacper Dylak, Dante Bar, Zurich, Switzerland.

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