Ana Paula Ulrich

Ana Paula Ulrich


Winning cocktail: Amanayara
50ml Patrón Silver
40ml Optimist Potion
3 drops Champagne Acid
1 pinch Maldon Fluer de Sal

Garnish: Nasturtium leaf

Method: Add the Optimist Potion, Champagne Acid drops and salt flower into a mixing glass and reserve it. Add Patron Silver into another mixing glass, add ice and stir it. Strain the Patron into the first mixing glass and with a hand mixer, blend it until it foams. Strain the cocktail into a ceramic rock cup (with ice) and garnish it with a Nasturtium leaf.

Inspiration: Amanayara, the Lady of the Rain in Tupi Guarani language. People say that calmness comes after the storm. Rain brings fertility and a new rise. "New land!" Brazil has been, over several centuries, the host of different cultures that added value to our people. "Our glass is always half full" and Brazilians´ contagious enthusiasm may be the result of two chemical compounds: dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure sensation, and serotonin, related to good humor. Two key ingredients were used to develop Poção de Otimismo: Cocoa honey, the liquid portion extracted from the cocoa pulp, and Jaca, a typical Brazilian fruit, a bit sweet, similar in texture and in fragrance to the banana, peach and mango. These typically Brazilian fruits are in the group of amino-acids which is responsible for increasing the levels of neurotransmitters in human body.
Amanayara represents what makes you go ahead, to rediscover hope.

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